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days, hyena
There were going to be polls and stuff but then some things changed so now it's just one question; Saturday the 17th of May, b-day party at my place, coming y/n? Just send me a mail or reply here or on FB or Pm me there or... you know, just lemme know :3

Holidays 2013!

days, hyena
Gentlepeople, this year's holiday card is a bit of a DIY project!
The card is at
Simply print on full A4, fold twice, glue if you're feeling ambitious and enjoy your tiny hyena and tree :3
days, hyena
Stayed up until 4 last night working on a new face-up for Sui while filling up the drying-times with hand-sewing a new dress for Kiku

For some reason I always take photos of Kiku from this angle...

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From grey-brown to popping green and touches of blue!




Birthday Planning Announcement Thingy

days, hyena
In between Animecon, other people's birthdays and things I'm probably forgetting about right now it's unlikely that I'll hold my birthday party in May itself. Exact date to be announced, probably in June. *rolls back to RL*

Dollmeet Photos 24-03-2013

days, hyena
So, last sunday I was over at sbslink's place for a mini doll meet, which of course means photos. Sadly the light was not loving my camera, soo only a handful came out anywhere near okay :s


And I'm afraid a fair amount of those involve Yukio...

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days, hyena
Even een oproep aan alle marktplaats/speurders/eBay gebruikers! Bij de inbraak bij m'n ouders thuis vorige week zijn enkele sierraden gestolen van mijn wijlen oma. Omdat deze antiek zijn is de kans groot dat ze intact meer waard zijn dan omgesmolten, en mogelijk nog op de markt opduiken. Als je toevallig op de antiek/sierraden afdelingen van tweedehands sites rondhangt, zou je dan een oogje open willen houden voor de volgende objecten?

Gouden dames horloge/remoir
Recentelijk hersteld door een deskundige die de leeftijd op ongeveer 130 jaar schatte.
Op de achterkant staat een inscriptie: "van meisje met parasol op bruggetje"

Gouden medaillion & ketting
Een boekje met fotootje van een jongen en een meisje

Granaten sierraden set
Een halsketting en gouden oorhangers met een grote en een kleine steen

Jammer genoeg niet de meest duidelijke beschrijvingen, en m'n ouders hebben nog geen foto's gevonden, maar als je iets tegenkomt wat er op lijkt, laat het mij dan alsjeblieft weten. Stuur een mailtje met een link naar de advertentie naar, dan kan ik het doorsturen naar mijn moeder.

Bij voorbaat dank!

AssCreed3 ponderings

days, hyena

Mucking about on the Ubisoft network for extras and doing some post-story mode ponderings. Overall I had fun with Assassin's Creed 3, but not as much as I had with Brotherhood, and I have the sneaking suspicion it might be because I simply don't give a toss about America. Taking over Rome was a spot of sweet, sweet revenge for my precious Monteriggioni, and building up the Brotherhood was easy micromanaging and fun way of getting in-game support and out-game ego-stroking. Go somewhere, pick up the downtrodden, give them new clothes, send them off to train with the more experienced former downtrodden, set Borgia tower on fire and then open all shops in a final dick-waving move in the pope's face.

Yes, AssCreed3 also asks that I help the downtrodden and build a brotherhood, but in order to do so I have to clean out half a city thrice, talk to a bloke, do some more cleaning, talk to the bloke again and maybe he'll join me and it's unintuitive as fuck. Yeah, I _could_ foil the plans of every Englishman in the neighborhood, but why would I want to? Loyalist, patriot, they're both going to shoot me off the roofs and oppress my people.
I'm very much a story-mode person, and with just waltzing through that I only picked up one apprentice in the form of a very angry French-Canadian who already had a day job and it was only after more or less accidentally recruiting a man with a big hat that I realized that cleaning out half a city was the only way in which I was going to get nubcake Assassins. And then I sort of gave up on that end because as history has shown America is perfectly capable of liberating itself and I had a Charles Lee to kill in between trying to figure out where all my homestead quests had gone.

Homestead finished up nicely though, but its become clear that if you give me a piece of land and some oppressed people with no one else to turn to and a trade system to set up I'll magically transform into a city-planner and will not rest until my city is the prettiest and the richest.

Case in point: after syncing up to the Ubisoft network I was informed that I was now in the top 10% worldwide for money earned through convoys.

Giving all the homesteaders stories was a nice touch. Part of me missed the whole "throw money at for upgrade" system, but there is something very satisfying about gathering a caring mob to beat up the asshole husband of your local tailor.

Naval combat was also fun, but another thing that I completely forgot about along with the brotherhood creation. It pops up two or three times in the storyline, and beyond that I only cared when I noticed that I needed to secure a safe route for my small-but-mighty fleet of trading convoys, which is a shame because it's done really, really well. The seas are beautiful, the weather system brutal, and once you get the hang of it combat is very doable and sending your enemies down to Davey Jones' Locker is always fun.

So, that's it for the side missions I guess. Main gameplay is tight as ever but what do you expect five games in. There's a new set on controls which take some getting used to but work fine once you've mastered them and finding new ways of killing people is always fun, especially when it happens by accident and instead of the old stabbity Connor ends up kicking people off roofs.

All this said though, the whole thing feels disjointed. I ended up carrying a lot about Connor's personal life and relationships, but the whole revolutionary war which was supposed to be a rather big point just faded into the background like so many creepy children and vendors, only popping up every hour or so to get in the way of everything else. The whole thing could have played out in space and I probably wouldn't have noticed it much. It was like on one hand we have Connor's personal life at the homestead and the issues he has with Haytham, and on the other we have the revolutionary war and the building of a brotherhood. it feels like two separate stories that are tacked together in a few spots with superglue rather than one whole.

And lest I forget: Desmond and the modern day Scooby gang. I actually have nothing to complain about there. I'm fond of Desmond, and I genuinely enjoyed trundling around with him and not just because he seemed it be following my exact command even in cutscenes. I got to activate ancient mechanisms, talk with everyone, take a few outings to beat people up and save the world. Sort of.

So overall, good game, but to me personally is missed the mark a bit by falling apart.

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Feb. 3rd, 2013

days, hyena

In between tidying the bedroom, tidying the kitchen, cleaning up, flexing artistic muscles, researching new cat food and cursing the IB-groep, Laken's been having his 6th arrival day. Still sort of remember speed cycling to the post office at early o'clock, speed cycling back again, shouting something semi-coherent at my sleeping mum and then racing off again because it was a Saturday and Saturday meant horseback riding.

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